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Subject: S.H.E Kazoku Singapore  
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S.H.E Kazoku Singapore

S.H.E Kazoku Fanclub's Recruitment Drive Now On!

About us
Kazoku is a fanclub set up specially for all S.H.E fans. Regardless of who you are and where you're from, we welcome you to join us at every event!


We aim to make S.H.E feel welcomed at their every visit to Singapore at the same time assure everyone, including the media, that we fans are always supportive of them. Kazoku is all about having fun together and enjoying events while ensuring S.H.E feels Singapore fans' energy! We will go all out, from specially-designed boards to other creative props, to make events more happening within our abilities and to bring glam and happiness to our beloved trio! We invite everyone to join us in achieving this aim and making every event a special one!


As a member of our fanclub, you will be able to :

- order and purchase latest S.H.E official merchandises from SG/TW at lower prices (as compared to market rates after middlemen profits)
- join in the fun as we prepare for and attend SHE events!

Member's Package

- Club Tee

A lifetime membership fee of SG$15 will be charged upon registration. We do welcome people from other countries to join our fanclub too. Membership fee is the same, and you will also get the club tee.

There isn't any closing date for the recruitment. If u want to join, simply download the attached form here and send it to perline@she-kazoku.com !
Upon registration, kindly send a PM to Perline to inform her that you have applied to join the club!

Kindly approach PerLiNe or myself via PM should you have any doubts to clarify, or you can just drop your questions in this thread.


FC Banner & T-Shirt : http://www.she-kazoku.com/forum/upload/viewthread.php?tid=173
3-2-2007 01:45 AM#1
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