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Subject: Announcement for Members!  
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Announcement for Members!

Hey guys~

If you guys have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to ask. The main motive to create this forum is to have a place to share whatever we have together with all the members! So if you guys have any things to share as well, be sure to upload into here too. We will also rate the participation and enthusiasm per person. Hence if S.H.E are having events in Singapore and is open to fanclub, we will give the priority to these members.

Let's get to know more of each others in here! Happy sharing and chatting~ ^^


Kazoku Operation Team

*Participation are grade only via sharing of files, and giving of suggestions and feedbacks that will benefit the Fanclub.
*NO leaking out of video clips and photos without credits and permissions. These are meant to be shared only in between ourselves.
*NO SPAMMING/ADVERTISING are allowed in here without authorization by the Operation Team.
*Strongly encourage uploading of photos and video clips taken by members rather then taken from other forums.
2-3-2006 11:35 AM#1
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