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S.H.E Kazoku Singapore16847 FC Club TEE!!!!!!!54
Message from H.I.M!!!5240 S.H.E @ Singapore Oct Promotion Schedule39
S.H.E Brand new concert!3710 Auto Session arrival32
Opening of forum to all S.H.E fans!3469 Fans gathering pls TAKE NOTE!31
Message from H.I.M Singapore!!!3445 [2006/10/29] S.H.E 同樂會 @ Tampines Mall26
Apology and detailed explanations~3215 S.H.E@Taipei New York New York Fans Gathering22
[IMPT] Orders for 'PLAY' from Taiwan3158 S.H.E JULY PROMO NOTICE!22
Announcement for S.H.E Fans!2942 HaiZz Everyone20
Tank 2007 Singapore Promo~2488 North-East/Central District~20
Announcement for Members!2363 [2006/10/27] S.H.E @ IMM Carpark Autograph Session17
[2006-06-11] POPagenda Concert2077 West District~17
[2006-06-23] 第六屆全球華語排行榜街頭暴唱會2063 Voting for shirt Here instead16
Selina's BIRTHDAY PRESENT!1327 S.H.E @ Singapore Oct promotion15
FC Club TEE!!!!!!!743 Selina's birthday wishes15
S.H.E @ Singapore Oct Promotion Schedule614 concert....14
Discussion for S.H.E Brand new concert!508 [2007-05-13] 遲來的台北場簽唱會照!13
Auto Session arrival470 Discussion for S.H.E Brand new concert!12
Fans gathering pls TAKE NOTE!401 [2007-01-27] S.H.E 'Perfect 3' 庆功感谢会 @ Jun ...12
S.H.E JULY PROMO NOTICE!380 [2007/07/29] S.H.E @ IMM Garden Plaza11
[2006/10/29] S.H.E 同樂會 @ Tampines Mall283 January Gathering before S.H.E come!11

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