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Subject: Apology and detailed explanations~  
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Apology and detailed explanations~

Hey guys!

I regret to announce that I would be stepping down as the chairperson of Kazoku Fanclub  as it is too time-consuming for me to manage such a huge number of members. Due to the lack of upcoming leadership and after much discussion with the committee members, we reached the conclusion to close Kazoku. Thank you very much for the past participations, supports and contributions since the establishment of Kazoku.

Please note that we are collecting back the FC club  tee-shirt as there is a copyright to the design. We are willing to buy it back at a price of $5 each. If you wish to keep it as a souvenir, please inform us but please REFRAIN from wearing the Kazoku tee-shirt to future S.H.E events as 1) the Fanclub  no longer exists; 2) you would be infringing copyrights of the designer.

It is a pleasure to get to know many people via the Fanclub , and I hope you guys had an enjoyable time with Kazoku too. Though the Fanclub  is closed, it does not mean that we do not like S.H.E anymore! So please continue to support S.H.E! See ya~


6-8-2007 08:55 PM#1
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