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Subject: Announcement for S.H.E Fans!  
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Announcement for S.H.E Fans!

Hey to all fans out there!

Sorry to say this forum is a closed forum for S.H.E Kazoku Fanclub members. The only way to enter into the forum is to be a part of the Kazoku family. Thus, I will have to apologise to all who wish to visit but unable to enter.

-NOTE- With final discussion, we have decided to open this forum to all S.H.E fans but we will lock some sections only for Kazoku members to access in. With this, we strongly welcome all S.H.E lovers in here to share their passions together with us! Enjoy your stay here~

Whereas to those who wish to join the S.H.E Kazoku family, please download the following attachment and email to perline@she-kazoku.com. After mailing, please do send a private message in here to inform. We will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you!


Kazoku Operation Team

P.S. Upon register, please state the reason for joining. For example, Kazoku Member; keen in joining; S.H.E hardcore fans and etc.

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