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Subject: Opening of forum to all S.H.E fans!  
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Opening of forum to all S.H.E fans!

It is definitely a great pleasure for us to release the registration to the public on this special and joyful day! After much planning, we decided to release the forum on Hebe's birthday as we think that it is an auspicious day in our point of view. ^^ To prove our sincerity, we have open the registration exactly at 00 00hrs of 30th March to rejoice and celebrate together with all! The releasing on this day has also done an add-on to the forum by making it more significant. I personally hope everyone who visits this forum will enjoy their stay in here, and give us all their precious opinions and comments. Lastly, we will still like to wish Hebe a 'Happy 23rd Birthday!' Let's carry on partying~ London there is 9 hours behind! So... Hebe is still enjoying her day! =D Thank you.


Kazoku Operation Team

P.S. Hope that this post can actually meet the timing 23:23 to make it more special!
30-3-2006 11:23 PM#1
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